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040909 - Supreme Court deals with non-constitutional cases...

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04/09/09 PLCP 321 Formal structure of government o President is the apex of the system Elected by the population as a whole every 4 years Appoints the Prime Minister Proposes a government/ cabinet to the president Presidents approves the government (or disapproves) Can be dismissed by the President o Legislature is bicameral Lower House (Duma) 450 members elected by popular vote Federal Council 178 representatives total, 2 from each of Russia’s 89 regions Used to include the governors and the head of the legislatures of each region Can pass legislation, which the president can veto, but 2/3 vote in each house overrides the veto Can impeach the president with a supermajority vote but the president can also dismiss the parliament o Parallel structure of government that answers to the President o Constitutional Court Appointed by the President and Federal Council approves
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Unformatted text preview: Supreme Court deals with non-constitutional cases • Government in practice o Yeltsin governed by decree Short-circuited the whole system Things got done if you knew the President Parliament was very anti-President, so Yeltsin just ignored them o Can only run for Parliament if a party puts you on their party list Unity Party, Fair Russia Party, LDPR has almost always voted with the government Parties can usually be counted on to give their approval o Basically Putin still has control over important things Compromising material- Putin controls the personal files on everyone Medvedev is safe as long as he governs the way Putin wants him too- would need to accumulate the machine that Putin has if he wanted to challenge Putin Military is still grateful of how Putin did the war in Chechnya...
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