042809 - PLCP 321 Test essay on the Putin the period often...

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04/28/09 PLCP 321 Test- essay on the Putin the period, often comparing another period. Integrate readings, etc. Open note and book o 2 years ago, in his 8 th year, the greatest fear in Russian society was that he would step down after 2 terms This is what the constitution says (recently it was amended that each term is 6 years, not 4) Felt there were few candidates would could provide the stability that Putin did, didn’t want to return to the Yeltsin years Putin was able to balance the different political, economic clans- system that resembles a zero-sum gain system Privatization of Russian economy was not reversed, so long as the property owners retained their loyalty to Putin o Why did he step down, but remain as Prime Minister? No definite answer Didn’t retire because in Russia, as in many other countries, politics leads you into wealth (capture resource flows, etc.). Hard to let go of this Hard to retire in the Russian political system Why PM? Debatable Transaction costs were low compared to other alternatives- didn’t have to change the constitution to do this, etc. Why did he change the constitution? Putin could preserve the reputation, especially abroad, as someone who observed all democratic gains Medvedev is not psychologically strong enough to confront Putin o Life was better under Putin Living standards had improved but there are huge discrepancies, including both regional and class Government was pursuing a macroeconomic policy that made sense under the circumstances
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042809 - PLCP 321 Test essay on the Putin the period often...

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