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Notes for “An Inconvenient Truth” George Bush the Elder: Once said in a speech that if the environmentalists had their way, “we’d be up to our neck in owls…”. The Species-Extinction Rate: …is now 1000 times greater than it was much earlier on. The “Collision between ‘Civilization’ and Earth” – 3 Factors are Involved: Population growth Scientific and technological revolutions: 1. [Old Habits + Old Technologies = Predictable Consequences] 2. [Old Habits + New Technologies = Radically Altered Consequences] Our way of thinking – i.e. mentalities such as “if we just ignore it, it will go away” or “we’ll have problems eventually but not for a long, long time (centuries)”, etc
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Unformatted text preview: Inconvenient Truths: • Of all the world’s nations, the U.S. is the biggest contributor to global warming • Ditto for carbon emissions 3 Common Misunderstandings: • Aren’t there disagreements among scientists about global warming? (Answer = NO; this idea that there are disagreements has been fabricated by special interest groups) • We have to choose between our environment and our economy (A: NOT!!!) • Maybe the problem is too big already to do anything about. (Answer: No; we already know everything we need to know/do to save our planet; we’re just reluctant to put what we know into action; reluctant to make sacrifices/change our lifestyles)...
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