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352 Spring 09 Online Syllabus

352 Spring 09 Online Syllabus - Page 1 of 9 SOC 352 Social...

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Page 1 of 9 SOC 352 – Social Change – Spring 2009 SLN 12224 – Internet Instructor Dr. Lisa Grey Whitaker Email: [email protected] TA Name Email Responsible for: Alyssa Newcomb [email protected] A – H Freddy Ferro [email protected] I – P Ben Kanipe [email protected] Q – Z To email the TAs or me, be sure to put “SOC 352” in the subject line of the email, so that we recognize your email as ‘legitimate’ (not spam). Course Description This course examines significant changes in social structure and cultural patterns over time. Through readings, films, and discussions (via Blackboard) we will explore the causes, types, varying time frames and societal levels of social change. Textbook Charles L. Harper & Kevin T. Leight, Exploring Social Change: America and the World ; Fifth Edition; Pearson Prentice Hall, 2007; ISBN 13: 978-0-13-188498-4 Course Format: In this course you will be: Doing the textbook readings and watching the videos while taking notes on the corresponding “Outlines 4 Notetaking” (see the link so named) I provide. Using the notes you have taken to discuss the readings and videos with your classmates, in discussion forums I have created for that purpose. You will find these forums inside the “Discussion Board” link in Blackboard. Taking tests: The syllabus quiz and exams on the course material are described in detail below. The subject headings and bulleted concepts on the “Outlines 4 Notetaking” are the items I will be testing you on. Thus taking a thorough set of notes; asking and answering each others’ questions about the outlined material in the discussion forums; then studying your completed set of notes will be the best way to prepare for my tests. Video Access: All but two of the videos I require you to watch are accessible online. Most of them are part of the ASU Libraries’ online video collection, “FMG On-Demand Videos.” To access them, go to the ASU Libraries’ website; then ‘search’ for each video by typing its title into the space provided for library-catalog searches. Once you hit “enter” to submit your search request, the ‘system’ will guide you step-by-step to the video. Testing: During the semester you will take one quiz on the content of this syllabus, followed by four exams on the readings and videos that comprise the course material. The quiz will
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Page 2 of 9 consist of 30 multiple choice and true-false questions, worth 1 point each. Each exam will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions, worth one point each. Testing, continued: You will have a 30-hour window of opportunity to take each test - from 6 AM on the Monday the test begins until Noon the following day. The tests (I use the word “test” to cover both the syllabus “quiz” and “exams”) are set up as follows: You must take each test at one sitting. You are not permitted to partially complete a test, log out, then log back in at a later time and complete it. Questions and their possible responses will be presented to you in random order.
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352 Spring 09 Online Syllabus - Page 1 of 9 SOC 352 Social...

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