352 student Cesar Chavez

352 student Cesar Chavez - born in 1927 into the farmworker...

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YouTube Video: A History of Hispanic Achievement in America: Cesar Chavez Mexican-American War of 1848 – consequences for Hispanics: mexico lost a lot of land to the US. And faced discrimination, racism, difficulty getting citizenship rights, lost housing, no good education, political rights etc Mexican Repatriation Campaign of the 1930’s: many Mexican American citizens were forced to deport to mexico Changes brought about by WWII: demanded equality at home after fighting for the United States. Sparked civil rights movement for hispanics The Plight of Farmworkers: were sick of taking low wage dangerous jobs Cesar Chavez: Brief Biography and his role in the Chicano Civil Rights Movement:
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Unformatted text preview: born in 1927 into the farmworker jobs. 1938 started life work as farm organizer and fought for higher wages and equal rights. Founded united farm workers of America. Started great pickers strike and nationwide boycott of table grapes. Lasted 5 years Significant Events Following the Grape-Pickers Strike: 1968 he fasted for 25 days drinking only water. Gave hope and purpose to activists. 1970 better working conditions and higher wages. Other Hispanic leaders emerged Chicano civil rights movement 1966 rayes martino started land grant shit On the road towards full equality...
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