MUS 354 History of Rock Chapter 2

MUS 354 History of Rock Chapter 2 - 1 European and African...

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1. European and African Musical Traditions In The New World: o Folk Music from the British Isles: Barbra Allen is folk ballad. Barbra Allen mixes love and death. Song dates back to 17 th century. it’s a simple four phrase melody and is constructed from a pentatonic scale : five note, common in folk music of Ireland and Scotland. o Also strophic : several stanzas are sung to the same melody o Ballad: a simple song with a lyric that tells a story usually with a moral. Usually dark and morbid. o Rock Connections: storytelling song, strophic form, unpolished but effective vocal style. o Old Joe Clark: one of the first country music recordings It is unusual because it combines song and dance. Fiddle, banjo, and voice play different versions of the melody and there is no chordal accompaniment. Fast tempo and clear danceable beat. Rock connections: down home, good humored attitude, story told in everyday language, melody set to a danceable beat, rough untrained singing voice, verse/ chorus form o Music of the Urban Middle and Upper Classes: Throughout 19th and 18th centuries European and Americans shared common musical language: mostly classical: Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven Music that connected this with popular best was the song with piano accompaniment. Spread slowly because widespread adoption of piano as keyboard instrument of choice and Economic growth of middle class bought the songs as sheet music and paid instructors to teach them to sing and play Thomas Moore: collected folk songs and supplied them with modest piano accompaniments to perform. Helped spur the Parlor Song movement Parlor songs told sentimental stories set to simple melodies with modest accompaniment. Henry Russell (1812-1900) English songwriter, singer and pianist. Wrote "woodman, spare that tree": has simple melody supporting a lyric that tells a story
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Rock Connection: use of chords to support a melody, use of chords to establish slow regular rhythms such as the measure, and to outline the form. o
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MUS 354 History of Rock Chapter 2 - 1 European and African...

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