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Outline for DVD, “Paradise Now” Principal Characters in the Film – Who they are; what their motivations are: Saïd – mechanic, chosen, providing for family, seeing it may be wrong, to right his fathers wrongs Khaled – mechanic, chosen, doing gods will, Suha – Saïd’s mother – providing for her family Saïd’s father – is dead; yet he plays an important role in the film…what is/was his ‘story’? he was a collaborator that was executed Jamal – came to tell Said he and Khaled were chosen for next day Abu-Karem – possibly the owner or car shop that or the one who runs the entire organization Statements made by characters (ANY of the characters) which suggest Said’s & Khaled’s preparation for their roles began in childhood (via childhood socialization)…[I suggest you note the names of the characters you write about here, as well as their statements] –
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