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Big Brother

Big Brother - with staff on how they can improve • Retail...

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Big Brother, Big Business: The Data Mining and Surveillance Industries 'Black-box' recorders in cars "Event Data Recorders" – "EDRs" – What are these? How do they work? For what purposes are they used? Captures what happens in cars before and after airbags are released. Helps for determining what happened in an accident Disadvantage of Surveillance Acc. to Law Professor Daniel Solore, what is unjust about surveillance? Abuse. Examples of surveillance (take notes on how each of these surveill us): Rental car companies – GPS systems used to impose penalties etc Laser color printers – anything printed is embedded in a code. If you crack the code you can pull up anything that was ever printed. Shows serial number, date and time of print CD burners – Restaurants – can see how busy they are, how content they are, if they needed service, discuss
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Unformatted text preview: with staff on how they can improve • Retail surveillance – detect and deter theft, improves sales Data-Mining companies (take notes on these obtain and/or use our personal info): • Choice Point, Equifax, Lexus Nexus – choice point: insurance, social security numbers, bank records etc on nearly everyone. • Google – keeps a record of every search ever made and can be tracked back to original person. • Theft of cell phone records (by private detectives, identity thieves, etc.) – to spy on people "Biometrics" • What is it? How are biometric data captured and used? Who/what sort of entities use it, and for what purpose(s)? fingerprints etc o Immigration laws...
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