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Borderless - and upset and the mothers feel all this pain...

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Page 1 of 1 FMG On-Demand Video #36318: Borderless: The Lives of Undocumented Workers Crossing Borders for Survival: Why do undocumented workers leave their home countries to work elsewhere? So they can provide for their families. What relationships do they sacrifice, by doing this? The relationships with their kids and family Undocumented workers sustain two economies – which economies are these? Back home and here Women working as Domestics/Nannies: What sorts of thoughts go through their heads as they do their jobs? They are raising others kids and not their own. They picture the kids as their own. How do they maintain relationships with their family members, their own kids, back home? Call them when they can, send home goods to them How do the children feel toward their mothers, who (as the kids see it) leave them behind? Resentment, emptiness, possibly hate. What is difficult about flying their kids to the cities where they are working, so the can spend time with each other? When it comes time to leave the kids are sad
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Unformatted text preview: and upset and the mothers feel all this pain and sadness and emptiness. They feel horrible. • What do they do with the “barrels” they (the women interviewed for the video) talk about? They fill them will as much rice, flour, sugar, ovaltine, peanut butter etc and send them back to their families • How do the women feel about the types of work they do being passed down through generations of their families, from mother to daughter? They do not like it. Men working in construction: • What is the hourly wage of undocumented male construction workers, compared to the wages earned by coworkers who are citizens? 25-30 Canadians get paid but illegal’s make 12 • Why does the undocumented construction worker, interviewed for this video, feel he cannot complain to his boss about the relatively low wages he receives? All the boss has to do is call the police and he has to take off or get deported....
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