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Page 1 of 1 SOC 352 – Outline for Chapter 4 Patterns of Social Change in the U.S. Changes in the structure of social life – Changes in cultural themes – Structural Trends: Growth in scale of social life Centralization of control (power and authority) – Increasing differentiation (“demassification”) and specialization of social life Growing interconnectedness and networked nature of social life Increase in technical complexity and sophistication Trends in Cultural Themes: Increasing cultural complexity and diversity in and of themselves Increasing tolerance of cultural diversity, including behavioral and moral diversity
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Unformatted text preview: • Increasing concern with individual self-gratification – • Persistent belief in the effectiveness of scientific and empirical knowledge – • Decreasing trust in national leaders and social institutions – Counter-trends and reactions to modernity – anti-modernism and postmodernism: • Resurgence of racism and ethnic discrimination in America, e.g. racial profiling – • Social movements to reaffirm cultural traditions of the past – • Social movements to promote a new stage of cultural and social development beyond modernity –...
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