MUS 354 Beatles Test Three Lecture Notes

MUS 354 Beatles Test Three Lecture Notes - 314 Lovely Rita...

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314 – Lovely Rita Side 2 Sgt Peppers continues with Lovely Rita. Paul’s song. Meter women called Meter maids in America. Rita meter maid -> lovely rita meter maid. Started thinking it should be a hate song, took car away. Maybe I should love her, maybe she was freaky, too, like a military man with a bag on her shoulder. She might be a footstomper, but she’s nice. I would be a shy office clerk to fall for a meter maid taking down my number. I would say things like may I inquire discretely you can take some tea with me. Recorded feb through march of 1967, an associate of George martin’s visiting one night, funny noises in song done with combs and tissue paper. George martin asked tony if he would find anyone who had metal combs. Tore up tissue paper in bathroom to make right sound for the combs. Beatles spent an hour or 2 getting just the right sound from these combs. Paul on bass, piano, comb and paper, lead and backup vocal. John on acoustic guitar, comb, paper, backup vocal. George acoustic guitar, comb, paper, backup vocals. Ringo on drums. George martin plays honky tonk solo on piano in middle. John says that’s paul making up a pop song like a novelist. Tongue in cheek funny lyrics. Outstanding harmonies. Soar on intro and throughout. End has jam session. Lots of reverb and interjection. Chord progression familiar, similar to hey dude. 315 – Good Morning, Good Morning John’s song. Often sat at piano with television on low in the background. Title was corn flakes advertisement. Worked on it through feb and march 1967. George martin said we weren’t averse to putting recorded effects in. whole farmyard of animals. John wanted to have the sound of animals escaping. Each successful animal should be capable of frightening or devouring its predecessor. Lucky edit at end of song. George said imagine my delight when I discovered a chicken clucking at end was like the guitar sound at the beginning of sgt pepper’s reprise. Able to cut and mix so that one turned into the other. Paul on bass and lead guitar and solo on right handed guitar, and backup vocal. John on lead and backup vocal. George on lead guitar. Ringo on drums. Group called sounds inc. with them, opened with them on some north American tours. 3 saxophones, 2 trombones, and a French horn. John said it was a bit of a gobbledygook, but it has nice words, then later said it was a throwaway, a piece of garbage. Paul said it was their first major use of sound effects. Very odd meter. John writes the words, then fits the rhythm of the music to the words. Bar 3, bar 4, bar 4, bar 3. Alternation of different meters all fitting the words. This as opposed to major/minor is typical of john’s composition style. Will do again on all you need is love, crossing universe. Meter changes following the words. Drum beat is asymmetrical. Daily hassles. Funny ironic last line. Cynical lyrics. 316 – Sgt Pepper Reprise
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MUS 354 Beatles Test Three Lecture Notes - 314 Lovely Rita...

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