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MUS 354 Beatles - 1964 Jan 3 Jack Par show first tv appearance Us 15 jan first french appearance#1 US hit I want to hold your hand Fastest ever

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1. 1964: o Jan 3: Jack Par show, first tv appearance Us o 15 jan: first french appearance o #1 US hit: I want to hold your hand Fastest ever number one million seller UK Steak dinners in paris o Feb 7: british invasion: came to New York Brian epstein major publicity 73 million watched beatles perform on ed sullivan show: Paid 2400 but it lead to huge opportunities Crime rate dropped dramatically to watch beatles o 11 feb: washington collusum o 12 feb: carnagy hall o Went to miami etc o April: top five songs in US and 14 in top 100 o Hard days night: first film o Cant buy me love: first certified gold 2. Mid to Late 1964: o Live gigs, BBC and radio o Hard Days Night: lennon and mccartney originals o Film: Hard Days Night: Black and White Title from Ringo And day in the life movie Semi fictional calculated for laughs News reel/documentary feel Feelings of confinement and pressure during first part Feeling of them as individuals Ringo gets arrested Well received o Album: Hard days night: Cover: 4 beatles and frames of the films (black and whites) 13 songs all original beatles Back cover: paris photos of them UK #1 21 weeks US #1 but only 8 versions because of capital Recorded in two batches Ringo went to hospital for exhaustion Late to tour Jimmy nickel sat in George 12 string guitar Patty Boyd married george and then married eric clapton First album of only beatles songs o Song: Hard Days Night: Side one opens with this song Single numbver one in us and uk Not performed in the film 4 weeks at number one in US April 16: studio to record this song o Song: And I love her:
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Paul wrote most of it Paul vocal and acoustic guitar, ringo drums, george electric and acoustic guitar, john acoustic guitar Released version ringo plays bongos No harmonies 370 different versions Key change of guitar solo o Song: Things We Said Today: Side two Paul wrote all of it in bahamas Recorded in june John said good song Major is bright and happy minor is dark and dreary - used this technique from here on out Pauls bridge is one of the best Vocal line moves in half step Ballad with a beat one writer said o Song: I'll Be Back John wrote it Early favorites Nice tune but middle is a bit ratty Waltz tempo first take 4/4 second take - four versus three beats per measure makes song work Vocal duet on verses Bridges: solo o Song: Cant Buy Me Love: Released as single Featured on both album and film First simultanious UK and US #1 hit Used as great escape scene in film John and Paul but John said it was Pauls mostly Written in paris 64, 65 European and American shows, christmas shows they played this song o Song: If I Fell: John wrote Released as single but didn’t make it to top 40 Harmony and melody are inseperable same as john and paul in this song
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MUS 354 Beatles - 1964 Jan 3 Jack Par show first tv appearance Us 15 jan first french appearance#1 US hit I want to hold your hand Fastest ever

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