MUS 354 History of Rock Chapter 8

MUS 354 History of Rock Chapter 8 - Black Music in the...

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1. Black Music in the Sixties: Motown and Soul o Two main cities: Detroit and Memphis: Detroit was the home of Berry Gordy's Motown empire and Memphis was the "soul city" in the sixties. Magnet: Jim Stewart and Estelle Axton's Stax Records. Aretha Franklin: Detroit native whose career took off with support from the Stax house band, linked the two symbolically and musically. James Brown followed by linking the two geographically and musically (from Georgia - Cincinnati's King Records) Two main sounds: black pop of Motown and the real soul music of Aretha, James Brown, and the Stax artists. o Motown: Gordy started Motown in 1959 with a dream and a drive. By mid-decade three out of four Motown releases charted Motown Formula: Blended careful planning and tight control over very aspect of the operation with inspiration and spur of the moment decisions. Pyramid: at top: Gordy, then those who wrote and produced the songs (Smoky Robinson), then the arrangers and house musicians, last were the acts such as the Temptations and Marvin Gaye The Motown Sound: The Temptations: Premier Motown male group: they embodied the aesthetics: five elegantly dressed men, moving smoothly in skillfully choreographed steps and singing with the grit and soulfulness of street corner singers but with perfectly polished harmonies. "My Girl"
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MUS 354 History of Rock Chapter 8 - Black Music in the...

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