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1. San Francisco and the Diversity of Rock: o Rock has always been a heterogeneous mix of styles linked by common musical features and shared attitudes. o The Counterculture: For college age youth in mid-sixties - 4 dominate issues: minority rights, sexual freedom, drug use and war Joined drive for civil rights through protests at colleges The Pill came out in early sixties: fueled women's sexual freedom Signature drug of 60's: LSD, developed in 1938, swiss chemist. Harvard psych professors: Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert felt LSD should be available to everyone and moved it to the street. U.S. govt banned use in 1967 Vietnam war replaced civil rights as hot button issue in latter part of 60's Hippies: Small prominent minority of youth who rejected mainstream society completely Ideological heirs of Bohemians of nineteenth century Europe and the Beats of the late 40's and 50's. Collectively they formed the heart of the counterculture Throughout 60's San Fran was center for radical thought and action, hippies
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Unformatted text preview: followed less confrontational approach than Black Panthers (who used violence) San Fran was area for those who wanted to "make love not war" 1967 "summer of love": 75,000 young people flocked to San Fran Bill Graham: Fillmore: "live at the Fillmore" albums appeared everywhere. New York counterpart was named "Fillmore East" Acid Rock (Psychedelic Rock): rock substyle defined not by musical feature but by ablitiy to evoke or enhance drug experience. Haight-Ashbury, "flower power", LSD and hippie scene. Center of Bay area: Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Grateful Dead. • Janice Joplin: sang the blues with power and passion, fronting her Kosmic Blues Band • Creedence Clearwater Revival: one of the great singles bands of the ear, playing down to earth rock and roll • Santana: latin rock • Sly and the Family Stone: music provided the crucial link between soul and funk o Acid Rock:...
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