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Unformatted text preview: Pstat160a Winter 2009 Hw #4 Problem 1 For Problem 1) of Homework #1, find E(Y ). Problem 2 Problem 30, p. 170. Hint: Condition on an appropriate random variable Problem 3 Problem 31, p. 170 Problem 4 John and Mary (independently) flip each a biased coin with probability of heads p1 for John, p2 for Mary. They record the number of trials needed before heads shows up. 1.) What is the probability that they tie? 2.) What is the probability that their result differs by one or less? Problem 5 Matlab problem 1: Use the program "runs.m" on the class webpage to test your result of problem 3). Try different values of p. Explain the program, and remove the semicolon with a single simulation to test that indeed the program does what it is supposed to. Matlab problem 2: Simulate the set-up of problem 1) above to test your answer. Use different values of . ...
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