odyessey quiz 3 review

odyessey quiz 3 review - Book 13 What happened to the...

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Book 13 What happened to the Phaicians after they send Odysseus back? - Poseidon turned both the ship and all of the sailors into stone. What is your personal opinion about the consequence? - The Phaicians should not have been punished the way they were because they were only trying to help Odysseus and they never did anything wrong. Also, they didn’t have anything to do with the offering ceremony so they didn’t know nothing was offered to Poseidon. Book 14 What lie (excuse) did Odysseus tell his old swineherd Eumaios? - Odysseus said that he traveled a lot and has been many places and he may have seen Eumaios’ master. Odysseus swears that “his master” will return to avenge his wife and his estate. Odysseus lies again when he tells Eumaios his story; he said that he comes from Crete and his mother was the concubine of a rich man, he was able to marry into a rich family and he loved war. He said that he spent most of his time getting plunder from battles and sieges. He went to Troy and Egypt in search of gold; he was in Egypt for 7 years and was taken in by a Phoenician. It was there he heard of Odysseus and his travels back to Ithaca then he was made a slave on a ship and escaped and finally stumbled across the hut of the swineherd. Why did he lie to him? - Odysseus lies to Eumaios about his origins because Eumaios has gotten his hopes up before for the return of Odysseus and they were broken. Eumaios also said since then he refused to believe any news of Odysseus after his hopes were destroyed that one time. Book 15
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odyessey quiz 3 review - Book 13 What happened to the...

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