review for books 6-12 and m&L ch 5

Review for books - B7-Who"wears the pants in the family of Scheria(Nausicaa's family-Arete the wise and strong queen B8-In King Alcinous's party

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B7—Who “wears the pants” in the family of Scheria (Nausicaa’s family)? -Arete, the wise and strong queen B8—In King Alcinous’s party, Demodokos, a singing poet, tells three stories. What are they? How does Odysseus respond to the stories? What kind of change can we see in Odysseus in contrast with the Phaiakian youths at the sports competition? -3 stories: quarrel between Odysseus and Achilles at Troy, affair between Ares and Aphrodite, Trojan horse and the sack of Troy. - Response to stories: Odysseus breaks down and feels sad -change in odysseus: at first he does not want to compete but then he is insulted and decides to compete and wins the discus throw then becomes cocky and challenges anyone to any event. B9-- Book 9 features the beginning of Odysseus’s return: the attack on the Cicones, storm, land of the Lotus Eaters, the story/ conflict with The Cyclops Polyphemus. Is Odysseus a good guest? Is Polyphemus a good host?
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