review quesitons 36-97

review quesitons 36-97 - 36) To answer the question: What...

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36) To answer the question: What is the impact of clear cut logging in temperate rain forests deductively a hypothesis would be formed based on prior knowledge of the situation. It may sound like if clear cut logging occurs in temperate forests than temperatures would increase due to higher greenhouse gas emissions. Inductively a group of scientists may go to multiple temperate rain forests were clear cut logging has occurred and those that have not and use the data and observations to come to a conclusion as to what the effect may be. 37) The internet itself is not as good because anyone can make a website and say whatever they want. 38) A scientific theory is a well tested and accepted hypothesis. It is believed to be true with all data agreeing in support of the theory. Scientific laws are theories that are believed to be true in all cases and under all circumstances throughout the entire universe, this takes a very long time. Finally a scientific hypothesis is a tentative explanation for a question, set of data, or pattern of interest. 39) I used the hours fisheries ships are out at sea on the X axis and the number of fish in the area being fished on the Y axis. I know the rest is right but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t putting them on the wrong axis. 40) Biodiversity is the variability among living organisms from all sources (terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystems) and ecological complexes of which they are apart. Components of biodiversity are the variability’s in genetics, function, and species. We need to care about biodiversity because biological, genetic and ecosystems resources depend on it as does tourism. 41) Three different aquatic systems are oceans and seas, estuaries and freshwater. 42)
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review quesitons 36-97 - 36) To answer the question: What...

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