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Rebecca Kuemmel September 26 th 2008 PHI 108.04 Excursion #2: Rousseau 1. Children that have been reasoned with are exceedingly silly. 2. Children do not understand reason. 3. They think themselves as wise as their teachers. 4. They need education. 5. Childhood has its own way of seeing, thinking, feeling. 6. Nothing is more foolish than to try to substitute our ways. 7. Children are attracted to selfishness, constrained by force. 8. They pretend to be convinced by reason. 9. They see obedience is to their advantage while disobedience is to their disadvantage. 10. Use force with children and reasoning with men 11. The wise men need no laws. 12. Children should not be reasoned with. 3. When Rousseau speaks about reason and reasoning, he speaks about explaining into detail why things are correct and what factors make one thing correct and another incorrect. Reason is
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Unformatted text preview: the actual explanation for what is correct and why, and reasoning is the act of doing so. In Rousseau’s opinion, the ability to reason comes with age and wisdom, and that children cannot reason, because they are not capable. 4. When children are taught to reason at an age that is too early for them to understand, we teach them duplicity. They are able to be duplicitous because they believe that if they mess up, as long as they are not found out they will be ok. They believe that if they do something wrong it’s bad, but they don’t understand that lying about it is worse. They do not understand that dishonesty is worse than making a mistake and doing something wrong....
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