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Exam 1: Feb 27 th Study question will be posted by Monday on BlackBoard, write out answers and submit to TAs no later than Monday Feb 25 th to find out if your answers are correct. Review: Natural Selction- differential survivorship and breeding Fitness- measure of how many copies of a gene are found in future generations Influenced by: survivorship, reproductive output, survivorship and reproduction of offspring. Mutation- changes in DNA code can take place by random mistakes or it can be induced by environmental factors. Sexual reproduction- recombines genes from both parents into unique combinations. Species- groups of organisms Isolation- geographic isolation, ecological isolation, temporal isolation, behavioral isolation, mechanical/
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Unformatted text preview: morphological isolation, Gamete Incompatiability. Consequences of breeding across species: inviable hybrids hybrids do not survive sterile hybrids hybrids do not reproduce even though they may survive. Formation of different species- speciation. Current rate of extinction- orders of magnitude greater than any mass extinction in history Causes- habitat loss and pollution, Not all species suffer the same risk of extinction. Evolution is both random and non-random Its random processes consist of mutation and Non random processes are natural selection sexual reproduction...
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