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Rebecca Kuemmel 106191301 Extra Credit My most favorite part of this course was the section where we read and discussed the jocks and burnouts book. This is what really opened my eyes up to sociology and helped me understand it a lot better. I was able to understand the perspective of sociology better because the Jocks and Burnouts book put the concepts of sociology in words I would more readily understand because it was using sociology in a setting and situation I was familiar with and part of. Thinking of sociology in this way actually helped me to relate the book and high schools to the social world outside of that. I am surprised that I now use this to
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Unformatted text preview: kind of see how people interact with each other in society around me. I see that people place themselves in groups based on what they see and what they want to be like, expecting to be judged but sometimes get upset when they feel they are being judged. I had never taken a sociology class before and wasnt sure how I would like it considering I am a psychology major. Even though these two subjects look at the same things, but in a completely different way, it helped me to see the difference and significance of each....
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