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Rebecca Kuemmel September 19 th 2008 PHI 108-04 Word Count: 415 Excursion #1: How We Think Last week as I was finishing the last math problem in my homework set I received a text message and I noticed the time on my phone said 11:12 AM, my math class starts at 11:20AM. I realized that I had exactly eight minutes to make a copy of my homework, pack up my bag and somehow get to class on time. This was an issue. Seeing as it normally takes about ten to twelve minutes to walk to class from my dorm that would already put me at least a few minutes late for class if I left at that very instant. However, I was not ready to leave. Packing my bag and making a copy of my work would take at least another five minutes and get me to class just about ten minutes late, if I walked fast. What if I didn’t make copies of my homework? I could just leave and save myself time. Except, what if my teacher lost my homework? I would have no proof that I did it and it would be gone forever and I would never get credit. I thought about scanning it to
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