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Rebecca Kuemmel December 8 th 2008 Word Count: 206 words Excursion #8: Nietzsche’s Will to Power 1. Absolute truth does not exist for Nietzsche because in the opening paragraph among other things he is listing he says that truth does not exist. Also, in paragraph 493 Nietzsche states that truth is a kind of error that we can’t live without. Even though he says we can’t live without it, he still believes it to be an error. (60 words) 2. Our motivation for seeking knowledge is that it works as a tool of power (paragraph 480). Meaning, those who have knowledge, also have power and as the amount power increases so does the knowledge. Here knowledge is referred to in the sense of good or beautiful, not
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Unformatted text preview: anything that is corrupt or wrong or bad. Also, the measure of the desire for knowledge depends upon the measure with which a will to power grows within a species. (77 words) 3. Nietzsche would not want us to give up the study of logic because the valuation of logic proves the only all our organs of knowledge usefulness of life which is proved by experience, not something that is true. It also shows the difference that something is held to be true or believed to be true and saying that something is true, when it cannot be proved that it is. (69 words)...
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