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Rebecca Kuemmel October 31 st , 2008 PHI 108.04 Word Count: 191 Excursion #5: Descartes 1. Descartes demonstrates that he exists by reasoning that while he wished everything was false, it was necessary that he had to be something. As, he observed the truth “I think, therefore I am”, he states that no matter who places doubts on this truth and no matter how extravagant the doubts are he will not be shook from this belief. He sees very clearly that in order to think it’s necessary to exist; he has to believe that “all the things which we very clearly and distinctly conceive are true”, and he has stated that he clearly conceives that he exists.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Descartes demonstrates that God exists by reasoning that nature is more perfect than him and it posses all the perfections in which he could form an idea and in one word that would be God. Next, he concluded that since he was not perfect that he was not the only being in existence because, if he had existed alone, he would be able to posses all the perfections that he found in God. Since he was not perfect, he does not exist alone and therefore God had to exist....
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