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1. What is a limiting nutrient? you have plants in a greenhouse where Nitrogen is a limiting nutrient. On a graph, with time on the xaxis and growth on the yaxis, represent growth over time when N is limiting. Then draw the same graph, only now with unlimited N. A limiting Nutrient is a nutrient that sets the rate at which other processes can happen, it is a nutrient that sets the limit to production of new tissue, growth or important process such as photosynthesis. Time Time LIMITING NITROGEN NON-LIMITING NITROGEN 2. Define a trophic cascade. How can we identify trophic cascades in nature? How is top down control related to trophic cascades? A trophic cascade is the potential for species in one trophic level to control the next level below
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Unformatted text preview: such that this effect moves down through multiple levels in food web. We can identify trophic cascades in nature by taking note of the population of species in a specific food chain. For example, if a large fish population declines for some reason the little fish that they eat grow in population and the plankton they eat decreases in size which leaves what they eat at a large population. Top down control is related to trophic cascades because top down control means that consumers control the populations and communities of their prey, so if there is a small population of large fish and a large population of small fish, the consumer has control over the population of their prey....
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