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Rebecca Kuemmel 106191301 Jocks and Burnouts Homework #2 What Eckert describes in her book, J OCKS AND B URNOUTS , does vary between schools and what parts of it are true are based on the size and social stratification of the school itself. Miller Place, the town where I grew up and went to High school, was very small and predominately white. There were less than three hundred students in my graduating class and of those three hundred, two were black, about six were Hispanic and another five or six were a mix of those two. Miller Place was a middle to upper class, predominately white town. However, that was not the only town that attended the high school. The town next to Miller Place is called Sound Beach, which is a lot smaller and it is a upper-lower to middle class town that has much more cultural diversity in it than Miller Place. There is a significant characteristic about these two towns that was seen ever so clearly in the school setting. You could look at kids and know which town they were from. The way they behaved, what they did, if they were involved in school
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