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Slavina Kiprova, ID#100025647 ENG 230 Study Guide for the Book of Job, chapters 1-27 Study Questions Answer the following questions as briefly as you can: 1. Based on the descriptions of Job’s wealth and the ceremonies he observes in Chapter 1, what kind of society does he seem to live in? Job was a very religious person. He was affluent and lived in opulence. 2. What kind of relationship is depicted in Chapters 1 and 2 between “the LORD” and “Satan”? Satan challenges God to test Job’s commitment to God, and God accepts. 3. What are Job’s reactions, first to his initial losses (1:20-22) and then to his affliction (Chapter 2)? First to his initial losses Job held his integrity and did not curse or blame God. He remained “blameless and upright” and blessed the name of God. Even after Job was badly hurt by Satan, he did not sin and did not accuse God of misdeed. 4. What does Job wish for in 3:1-19, and what question does he ask in 3:20-26? (Summarize what you think is their literal meaning.) In chapter three, Job wishes for death. He asks why he should continue to live when he does not have anything to live for and he wants answers from God for the evil in the world. 5. What does Eliphaz suggest about Job in 4:1-5, what does he imply about God in 4:6-11, and what does he claim is the source of the wisdom that he conveys in 4:19 to 5:7? Eliphaz suggests that Job has always been strong enough to support the others who were weaker, but now Job is the one who is horrified and needs help. Eliphaz claims that God does not hurt the innocent, but he punishes “those who plow iniquity”. Eliphaz says that humans are born to cause trouble and they destroy themselves due to the lack of wisdom. 6.
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set1 - Slavina Kiprova, ID#100025647 Study Guide for the...

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