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Slavina Kiprova, ID#100025647 ENG 230: Landmark Texts of the Western Tradition Study Guide for the Book of Job, chapters 28-42 Study Questions Answer the following questions as briefly as you can: 1. What is unique about chapter 28 within the Book of Job? In other words, how does it differ from all the other chapters in the book? Chapter 28 is Job’s hymn in praise of wisdom. The tone and the style of this chapter are different from the previous ones. 2. What “path” do you think is meant in 28:7, and who is meant by “They” in 28:9 and in the lines following until 28:11? The “path” is the way to truth and wisdom. “They” is people. 3. What do the rhetorical questions and imagined answers in 28:12-22 imply about the nature of true wisdom? The rhetorical questions and imagined answers imply that mortals cannot find wisdom. Wisdom is not something visible. 4. What is stated about wisdom in 28:23-28? (Paraphrase what you think is the most important point here.) Only God knows the way to true wisdom. Verse 28 provides the conclusion that wisdom is the awe of God and understanding is the escape from evil. 5. As Job reviews his past and present condition in chapters 29 and 30, which losses seem to stand out most prominently in his mind? Job misses the happy days when he was bless by God and had everything. He remembers that he used to help people and everybody respected him. 6. To whom is Job referring as “they” in 30:1 (and in the following lines until 30:15), in which two other verses of this passage does he specify who they are, and what does he say they do? (Briefly identify them, indicate the verse numbers, and characterize their actions in one sentence.) Job is referring to the needy and weak ones whom he used to support. He says that now they mock him and despise him.
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set2 - Slavina Kiprova ID#100025647 ENG 230 Landmark Texts...

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