Set3 - Slavina Kiprova, ID#100025647 ENG230 1 What,...

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Slavina Kiprova, ID#100025647 ENG230 1 What, according to the Priest in lines 22-30, is wrong in Thebes, why do he and the other suppliants believe Oedipus can help them, and what does Oedipus say he has already done about this? According to the Priest Thebes suffers from pestilence – a plague has taken harvest, flocks, herds, and people. He and the other suppliants believe that Oedipus can help them, because he already saved the city once by resolving the riddle of the Sphinx. Oedipus says that he has sent his brother-in-law in Delphi to ask in Apollo’s temple how he can save the State. 2 What is the “good news” that Creon brings from Delphi, and what specific measures does he say are demanded? The “good news” is that Creon learnt that the murderer of Laius, who ruled Thebes before Oedipus, is in Thebes. He must be driven out in order for the plague to end. 3 What dramatic ironies (meaningful discrepancies between what a character believes and what the audience knows to be true) do you detect in Oedipus’s words in line 106 and in the speech starting at line 131? It is ironic that Oedipus asks where the murderer is, but he does not know that he is the murderer himself. The reader knows that Oedipus killed King Laius, his father, but Oedipus thinks that he has not even seen him. 4 In the parodos (lines 151-215) which deity or deities does the Chorus invoke in each of the three strophes and antistrophes, and what is significant or appropriate about the selection of deities in each one? In the parodos the Chorus invokes Zeus’ three children: Athena, Artemis and Apollo. Apollo is the god of healing and he is also called the archer-god ‘who shoots from afar’. Athena is the goddess of intelligence and Artemis is the goddess who presides the market of Thebes. The Chorus also invokes Ares, the god of War. It also
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Set3 - Slavina Kiprova, ID#100025647 ENG230 1 What,...

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