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Slavina Kiprova, ID#100025647 ENG 230a Study Questions for Aristophanes’ Clouds 1. What point of conflict or disagreement between Strepsiades his son Pheidippides is revealed in lines 1-125, and why does Strepsiades want his son (and then himself) to learn what Socrates has to teach? Strepsiades is troubled by his squandering son Pheidippides, whose expensive tastes such as racehorses have driven him into debt. Strepsiades asks his son Pheidippides to become a student of Socrates and learn the unjust speech so Pheidippides can help his father avoid paying back the debts to his merciless creditors. Pheidippides refuses his father’s request and Strepsiades chases his son away from home. 2. What three scientific investigations does the student report (in lines 143-183) that Socrates and Chaerephon have been conducting? The student reports some of Socrates’ experiments, such as measuring how many times the length of its own feet a flea could jump, examining whether gnats buzz through their mouth or through their anus, and “investigating the courses and revolutions of the moon”. 3. What difficulty does Strepsiades have in understanding geometry when the student demonstrates it to him? Strepsiades does not understand why the objects on the map are much smaller and closer to each other than they are in reality. 4. What is Socrates doing when he first appears on stage, and what are the reasons he gives for doing it? Socrates is hung up in a basket to the ceiling in order to traverse the air and contemplate the sun. He has to suspend his brain and mix the subtle essence of his mind with the air. He explains that he would not have discovered anything if he had stayed on the ground to observe from below the things that are above.
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set5 - Slavina Kiprova, ID#100025647 Study Questions for...

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