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poems - You are sometimes even darker than the night You...

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Haiku Darkness and silence, No body but just a soul, Far away from all. Dark clouds and wind, Heavy rain and lightening, Nature is crying. Open form Sunrise, sunset, It’s the cycle of dreams And two lovers sweat In the closure of streams; Sunrise, sun fall, It’s the sadness of dreams Two lovers raw In the echo of screams; Sunrise no more, It’s the stillness of dreams, For each lover a shore, Two different streams; Sunrise, sunset, In all my dreams I’ve wept; Sunset, sun wise, From all dreams we must rise. Sonnet You are the day that fills my life with light, You are the sun that often keeps me warm,
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Unformatted text preview: You are sometimes even darker than the night, You can be devastating like a storm. You are my inmost desire and dream, You are an angel that gives me all. You are my worst nightmare that makes me scream, You are a criminal that robs my soul. You are a drug that I can’t live without, You are a poison that makes my life hell, You are a sweet addiction, there’s no doubt, You are the one I love and hate as well. You are my lover and my closest friend, You are the man I’ll stay with till the end....
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