ShortStory - The Barking Tale Right! exhausted very, very...

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The Barking Tale Right! – exhausted – very, very terribly exhausted I was and am; but why does everybody think that I am crazy? The everyday long hours of studying improved my thinking – didn’t make me depressed – didn’t make me irritated. I had brilliant ideas for everything. Above all was the sense of creativity. How, then, can you call a brain-worker like me a crazy person. Watch how tranquilly I will tell you the whole story. It is hard to explain how the idea came to my mind; but once framed up it chased me day and night. Motif there was none. Hatred there was none. I liked my neighbors. They were architects –educated people. They had always been so nice and helpful to me. I think it was their dog! Yes, it was that! They had a small filthy dog that resembled an evil creature from a horror movie. But what I could not stand at all was his annoying barking. Whenever I passed by it, that dog barked so loud and always scared me to death; so by degrees – very increasingly – my patience ran over. I made my mind to kill that irritating dog, and thus rid myself and my neighbors of it forever. Now this is the case. You think I am crazy. Crazy people know nothing. But you should have seen me. You should have seen how cautiously and cleverly I proceeded when my neighbors went on a seven-day business trip and gave me the key of their apartment. I promised them to water their plants and take care of the dog. I had never been so helpful
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ShortStory - The Barking Tale Right! exhausted very, very...

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