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22:15 Alltel Advertising 1. This is a TV Alltel commercial; it promotes Alltel as being the company who  lets you pick a phone circle plan in which you can choose the best to be in it. The  target audience is young people and their friends. 2. The ad is offensive because it makes fun on how only the best can make to  your circle of friends, in the ad the person is choosing his team for a basketball  game and has to decide who he leaves out of it. The stereotypes in Alltel ads are  always the competition, which they portray as goofy and kind of stupid, the type  of people nobody wants to pick. What i find offensive in this ad is how they  portray the people who don't fit in your team.
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Unformatted text preview: 3.Alltell always make their commercials making the competition look ridiculous so this particular ad is more of the same; the add is not that different from the others so no it doesn't change my opinion towards the company. 4.To make their ads less offensive maybe Alltel should stop making themselves seem better just by mocking the competition. 5. As for the ad being effective, personally I would say no because the ad does not motivate me to change my phone carrier company. As for other people I'm not sure if they change companies because they feel offended by staying with their current phone company that Alltel makes fun of....
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