Mystudyguide - Typography families(275 The art of selecting and setting type when selecting type should consider readability appropriateness

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Typography – families (275) The art of selecting and setting type, when selecting type should consider: readability, appropriateness, harmony or appearance and emphasis. (Readability is the most important) Type Families: Made up of related typefaces, within family basic design remains the same but varies in weight, postures and width (Light, bold, italic, expanded and condensed), providing contrast and emphasis Halftone screen-printing (275) A halftone screen breaks up continuous-tone artwork into tiny dots, that when printed produces and optical illusion of shading, as in a photo. Produce industry-standard halftones on negative film for commercial printing plates, mounted onto flats (plastic sheets) during stripping process, flats are pressed against printing plate, printing plate prints only one color at a time. Used in newspapers and magazines (Letterpress, offset lithography) Radio production – recorded or live (280) Live Station gets script and any recorded music to be used; the material must be accurately timed. Normal conversational pace about 130-150 words per minute Use of popular DJ and letting him improvise, giving credibility Cons: Inconstancy in delivery and limited sound effects Recorded Required for a uniform delivery Has three phases: 1) Preproduction, 2) production and 3) postproduction Preproduction Producer searches for the right talent, decides whether to use prerecorded music or hire a composer, this decisions affect the budget. Production Elements to be used in the commercial- voices, music, and sound effects - come together and are recorded at a session. Control room used to monitor all the sounds, use audio console to blend both live and prerecorded sounds Postproduction selects best takes, mix vocals and effects and creates master tape; duplicates called dubs.
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Radio production cost: Talent (actors) o Scale o Residual Fee Music o Original Music o Stock Music Reasons why you would go over budget Inadequate Planning main reason Production Luxuries Overtime Special Equipment Hierarchy of Decision makers Magazines pros/cons (300) Pros Color Audience Selectivity Flexibility Prestige Authority Believability Permanence Cost Efficiency Selling Power Reader Loyalty Pass-along readership Merchandise Assistance Cons Lack of Immediacy Limited Reach Long lead time Heavy ad competition High cost per reader Declining Circulations Can’t deliver high frequency Can’t deliver mass audience at low price ** They are the most selective of all mass media and are flexible in both readership and  advertising. However, they often require long lead times, have problems offering broad  reach and the cost of advertising in some magazines is also very high. ** Magazines – special buys (298) Bleed pages extends to the edge of page, 10 to 15 % more
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Mystudyguide - Typography families(275 The art of selecting and setting type when selecting type should consider readability appropriateness

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