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Typography – families Halftone screen printing Radio production – recorded or live Reasons why you would go over budget (1 specific reason) Magazines pros/cons Magazines – special buys (traps, gatefold, island halves, bleed…) Circulation – all types (primary, guaranteed, controlled…) Vertical (all levels on one industry) and Horizontal (publications crosses many industries) Magazine dates to know (3 dates sale closing cover date) Newspape– ways to catagorize (frequency, size, local, regional, national) Types of newspaper advertising (display, classified, public notices…) Newspaper rates (based on rate card, preferred position, ROP cheapest) Newspaper – local v. national (newspaper local medium not a national) Arbitron and Nielson (media rating) TV pros/cons Affiliates (network affiliates that carry programming) Types of TV adverising – (sponsorship control content, participation between or during prime time, spot between one show and beginning of another, syndication 3 types off
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study_guide_3explantion - Typography families Halftone...

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