Ch3Critique - economy… should all normal school systems...

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Chapter 3 Agree: Education… 1) Creates deep pool of resources from which competent policy makers will emerge. Working with others to achieve goals; determination to get results. 2) Powerful effect on human development. Promotes health seeking behavior and good health. Poverty easier to escape with skills and productive work with others. 3) Economic development in global market easier if workforce is both productive and agility to retrain for new industries. Poverty and inequality most be tackled from the grass roots and education provides one tool for addressing this problem How useful can improving education quantity be if the quality of this education is mediocre? The main purpose of education should be to spread knowledge that enables people to develop into skillful and productive workers in a globalized and modernizing world. Discussion Point: Presence of large immigrant populations requires sensitive and effective response from school systems, so immigrant population quickly gains the skills valued in a globalized
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Unformatted text preview: economy… should all normal school systems be adapted for the integration of immigrant populations? If the US develops specialized education for immigrant adaptation what effect does it have on the education budget? What effects do adaptation programs have on education curriculums in developed countries? Involving multiple stakeholders, including teachers, parents and businesses in framing curricula provide important forum for assessing what children should learn; however the country policy makers of countries normally make the final decision in the educational model for each country. What are the effects a government can have on an educational program? Should government ideals be part of the educational curriculum? Strengths: Overall view of success and failure education has on economic development in countries around the world. Includes the issues that affect developed and developing countries and how education is not necessarily the answer to economic development....
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Ch3Critique - economy… should all normal school systems...

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