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Chapter 14 News Release, Newsletter and Brochures News Release Also called press release, most commonly used PR tactic Primary purpose is the dissemination of information to mass media: Newspapers Broadcast stations Magazines Most of the information we read originates from new releases prepared by publicists or PR practitioners Wall street Journal admits like 50% 75% of journalist use PR sources for their stories Rely on news releases because… 1) Reality reporters and editors spend most of their time processing information, not gathering it 2) Not enough staff to cover every single event in community PR people are considered newspaper unpaid reporters However a news release should not be considered paid advertising, since reporters and editors have no obligation to use the information News releases are judged solely on newsworthiness, timeliness, interest and other traditional values. Important for new releases to be formatted correctly, well written and accurate, timely informmation Planning a News Release Before planning number of questions must be answered… What is the key message? Expressed in one sentence Who’s the primary audience? Decide where to send it newspaper or magazine What target audience gains from product or service? Benefits/rewards What objective does the release serve? Product sale, org. reputation, increase Planning questions answered from PR perspective, but next step is to think like a
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journalist and write well crafted news story that include 5 w and h… Who, what, when, where, why and how News Release Format Standard and traditional format: 1) Use 8.5 - by -11 inch paper 2) Identify the sender (contact info) in top left corner, name, address and phone 3) After contact info write “For Immediate Release” 4) 2 inches of space before starting text 5) Boldface headline that gives key message 6) Provide dateline 7) Start text with clear summary 8) 1.5 margin 9) 10 or 12 font 10) Never split paragraph at end of page, write “more. .” 11) Slug line and page number at top * Web new site or email have different format News Release Content Written like a news story, lead paragraph important part of text. (Journalist have inverted pyramid approach to writing. First paragraph summarizes most important part of story, succeeding paragraph contain info in descending order of importance Important because… 1) If editor or reported not interested in first 3 or 4 lines, it wont be used, 2) Editors cut stories from the bottom 3) Readers don’t always read full story (30 min a day reading newspaper, read headlines and first paragraphs) Guideline for content: 1) Use AP style: guide for word usage, makes editor job easier 2) Be concise: remove excess words, no longer than 2 pages, additional info may be provided by phone or email if needed 3) Avoid Cliché: no need for fancy phrases, likely to be thrown away 4) Avoid Tech Jargon: must be understanding not confusing 5) Double check info: Every fact and detail correctly spelled 6) Eliminate boldface and capital letters
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advfinaltest - Chapter 14 News Release Newsletter and...

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