28 - If able to get general understanding you are able to...

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Promotion commons 6 speeches for credit and 1 credit calls to teach one hour class, event planning. Also 1 credit political campaign class, ADV 492 Being able to connect with other audiences help PR, gives you sufficient knowledge to depend on audience, trust. PR extension as good relationship building in personal situation Greenpeace worked with government to make forester change views Must be aware of new technology, changing the world 1924 PR of forestry, PR defines factor in enterprise that are of public interest For forestry motive is support, popularization Not just saying but making sure organization doing something worthy to talk about Even when little technology Albert puts out book that talks about the importance of PR, any enterprise that whishes to reach public must use good communication resources.
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Unformatted text preview: If able to get general understanding you are able to advance to any field Components of PR Counseling, counsel your client Edward viewed what he was doing as a science Social events cause riots, 68- 70 minorities rising up, violence. PR plus knowledge from outside area helps you get a job, nonprofit, sport, special events, you need experience Greenpeace activist group that make organization respond to them, both learn from each other. (forest industry and Greenpeace) Forester. Success in field depends on popular not scientific support. Ex. Global warming, science has always been their but now we see changes in popular support Cost issues problem to PR designation as PR certified...
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28 - If able to get general understanding you are able to...

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