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Terms for the final exam

Terms for the final exam - Study Guide for Final Exam Topic...

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Study Guide for Final Exam Topic 2: Experiments and Correlational studies Contact Hypothesis Jigsaw Classroom Topic 3: Conformity & Obedience Conformity Compliance Obedience Asch (1946) conformity experiments Normative Influence Descriptive Norm Injunctive norm Information Influence Sherif (1935) social influence experiment Milgram (1963) obedience experiment Topic 4: Social Facilitation, Choking, Social loafing, Deindividuation Social Facilitation Social Loafing Choking Action Identification Deindividuation Topic 5: Groupthink Groupthink Topic 6: Stereotype Threat Stereotype Threat Disidentification Topic 7: Bystander effect and diffusion of responsibility Prosocial behavior Bystander apathy (effect) Diffusion of responsibility Pluralisitc Ignorance Darley and Latane experiments on bystander intervention Topic 8: Naïve realism Naïve Realism Media Bias Topic 9: Scripts, Mindlessness, Automaticity of social life Scripts Mindlessness Langer and colleagues (1978) mindlessness experiment
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Zimbardo (1971) Stanford Prison Experiment Availability heuristic Principle of least effort Principle of limited capacity Four features of automaticity Topic 10: Stereotyping Stereotype Consequences of Stereotyping Implicit stereotyping Behavioral Confirmation/Self-fulfilling Prophecy Duncan (1976) experiment on stereotypes and interpretation Macrae and colleagues (1994) experiment Topic 11: Self-concept; Self schema; Multiple selves Core social motives (three of them) Social identity Self-discrepancy theory Self-guides Actual self Ought self Ideal self Collective self Collectivistic society Individualistic society Self-schemas Markus (1977) experiment on self schemas Social comparison
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Terms for the final exam - Study Guide for Final Exam Topic...

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