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Psy 121 Exam 1 Terms Week 2 Source Term Page(s) Brown 1986 -Eichmann’s Fallacy -Milgram’s basic shock experiments -The MHRC Encounter experiment -The Law of Social Impact -Psychophysical Law -Social Definition -Diffusion of Responsibility -Exchange of information -Triggering 5 8-10 10-15 18-20, 24 19 32 32 33-34 34-35 Myers (2007) Module 17 -Social Facilitation -Evaluation Apprehension -Co-actors 192 195 197 Myers (2007) Module 18 -Additive Tasks -Social Loafing -Free-riders 199 200 204 Myers (2007) Module 19 -Deindividuation -Group size
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Unformatted text preview: -Physical anonymity experiments-Self-awareness 205-206 206-207 207-210 211 Interview with Zimbardo-Stanford Prison Experiment-The importance of the situation 1-3 4 Class Notes Social influence Conformity Compliance Obedience Asch (1946) experiment Normative Influence Norms Descriptive Norm Injunctive norm Informational influence Sherif (1935) experiment Private versus Public conformity Milgram (1963) obedience experiment Emotional distance of victims Legitimacy of authority...
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