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Psy 121 Exam 1 Terms Week 3 Source Term Page(s) Myers (2007) Module 20 -Group polarization -Group polarization experiments -Informational and normative influence -Theory of social comparison -Reference groups -Pluralistic ignorance -Self-serving bias -Groupthink -Symptoms of groupthink -Strategies for preventing groupthink 215 215-216 218-219 219 219 219 219 221 221-223 224 Steele (1997) – A Threat in the Air -Stereotype threat -Disidentification -Overprediction/underperformance -General features of stereotype threat -Strategies for improved schooling of stereotype threatened groups 614 614 615 617-618 624-625
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Unformatted text preview: Darley and Latane (1968) Bystander Intervention in Emergencies-Focus on entire article Groupthink (The Challenger Disaster)-Illusion of invulnerability-Conformity Pressures-Illusion of unanimity-Mindguarding Exploring the negative consequences of stereotyping-Memory capacity-Stereotype threat awareness 1 2-3 Class Notes Social facilitation Mere presence effects Dominant responses Choking Self-focused awareness Action identification Social loafing Deindividuation Groupthink Social dilemmas Tragedy of the commons Stereotype threat Disidentification...
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