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Psy 121 Exam 1 Terms Week 4 Source Term Page(s) Keltner and Marsh (2007) -Kitty Genovese -Diffusion of responsibility -Confusion of responsibility -Pluralistic ignorance -Active bystander 2 2 2 3 3 Ross and Ward (1995) -Two assertions of the subjectivist tradition -The Wall Street/Community Game experiment -Fundamental Attribution Error/Correspondence Bias -Tenets of Naïve Realism -Biased Perceptions and Perceptions of Bias 104 106-108 110 110-111 117-121 Schacter and Singer (1962) -Evaluative needs -3 Propositions -Experiment procedure
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Unformatted text preview: -Confirmation of Data to Theoretical Explanations/Discussion 74 74 75-81 85-89 Presidential debates Focus on entire reading 1-3 The Behavioral Revolution Focus on entire reading 1-2 Class Notes Essentialism Naïve realism Constructive perception The framing effect Media bias Proximate contributors to feelings Two factor theory of emotion Prosocial behavior Benevolence Altruism Bystander apathy (effect) Kitty Genovese Diffusion of responsibility Pluralistic ignorance...
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