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Psy 121 Exam 2 Terms Week 5 Source Term Page(s) Cialdini (2007) Trigger feature Contrast principle 3-9 11-14 Tversky and Kahneman (1974) Representativeness heuristic Availability heuristic Adjustment and anchoring heuristic Discussion 1124 1127 1128 1130 Moskowitz (2005) Stereotypes Expectancies Stereotyping as a functional process Implicit stereotyping Reactivity Bolstering Implicit measure Prejudice Implicit Association Test (IAT) Aversive racism as an implicit type of bias Inference Priming effect
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Unformatted text preview: Spreading activation model Parallel-constraint satisfaction model Confirmatory bias 438-439 439 440-442 442 442 442 443 444 445 448-450 450 451 451 451 455 Darley and Fazio (1980) Focus on entire article as it is a nice detailed summary of the self-fulfilling prophecy Assigned Blackboard readings for weeks 5 and 6 Read all articles (they are all short) and understand how they fit into the topics discussed in class....
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