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ch14p21 - @Write whether or not you want the follOwing 1...

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Unformatted text preview: @Write whether or' not you want the follOwing. 1. stuffed animal yaLa<-émv Law rm; /iaL<&w$t/v 2. holiday 421m» mum; /liL/<5)U$t/u 3. richfriend kfiie‘reoars'63\~~iaLLi-ena./,gKaLLgtw. @Write whether or not you wanted the following when you were a child. I 1. large dog 146% we MEL xiLwawizuw‘orzz--a. /l%lz<?)U3C/JZ" L22... 2. musical instrument Meme fi‘i m“ lit mnkm. / Laxmitm-er. 3. dictionary 3350953. U‘%ml3W‘oTi‘O‘?o/lEMWJitA/Zt'l/TC. .Answer the following questions. ( Examp] e ) 1. flfiflfi “26" PfiliLvfi 075.1336 A£%il’ub liLh (“Tow BUM, 161551979“l‘s’Lfl‘oTt‘E'T)’.WI‘ZMQLIlfiKijfit/u. 2 A nab v-filiLifiirb 2"; L’C’Cfi‘b‘o kirfiwfiiiwn‘o‘q‘ le/V‘4F‘Ol“?\l)$tb‘b‘6a 3. 5%Efitbé‘tti'obrb liLb\‘(°n,'i‘7b Z5 LTT‘3‘75‘0 L'b/u 5%?! 0 {57‘ mliu my. 56 L L¥mw W E‘E‘q‘v‘é. ...
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