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ch16p37 - oak—fl as ‘ sis-stemJQD(D Circle the correct...

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Unformatted text preview: oak—fl as: _ .. ‘ sis-stemJQD (D Circle the correct tense expressions in the following sentences. 1. fifstttmgr: ( age [email protected] ) as; firms-a: 15$ tau/Lam 2. graces t3»: (.- aft) ex speaislmst :5 «Jr: «E51: 34 figgia -§§3Lt imtyya—ugnsto 4. u: ( .- year; Ms i’lxt'éfii‘s”; 6) Look at each picture and complete a E sentence. It the pictures are shown in the order in which the two events took place, you can use the past tense before 5%. If they are in the reverse order, you can use the present tense before E. V“/§&[email protected]’\“Ti 2% \ :3- @@ Qe' 4 rssvzbzameug 0 ...
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