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AsAm10 Lecture 1 - American Asia the Pacific I II III...

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American, Asia, the Pacific I) Exploration, Conquest, Voyage a. New world encounters b. The manila galleon trade route II) Western Constructions of Asia and the Pacific a. Orientals and indios b. Jean-Jacque Rousseau III) Reclaiming Identity and Race in America a. Asian Americans and pacific islanders b. The model minority myth Keywords: Manila Galleon Trade Route, Jean-Jacque Rousseau, The mode-minority myth Asia America Pacific Continent Diverse Vast Ethnic group Democracy islands Society Immigrants tropical “Great turtle island” NA Indians -> collective imaginary, describe notion of how things are. When the mountains move/earthquakes happen it is imagined that turtles are fighting. Anatolia… Roman province (Turkey) represented Asia. Asia was “East” of Eruope \ \===== trade routes Orient / Used to make trade overland by the silk road which connected Eruope w/ Asia. Then it became dangerous and costly because of Muslims and lots of middleman. Solution: direct travel to Asia for nutmeg, pepper, cloves, ginger. The other motive: missionaries and converting non-christian people. Manila galleon trade route began in 1565 until 1815. Significance: bridges America, asia, pacific. Cultural exchange. Hot pepper from the tropics now in Korea. Products of trade history: porcelain, ivor, silk from china -> philipines -> new spain -> Europe Silk, silver, gold, commodities Pt: before As. Amer+ PI category came to existence, there was trade, exchange, history, conflict already and MGTR illustrates that point.
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As. Am. PI are recent terms.
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