Pacific Islanders lecture 3

Pacific Islanders lecture 3 - Pacific Islander Voyaging I....

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Pacific Islander Voyaging I. Austronesian Thesis a. Lapita Pottery b. The Outrigger Canoe II. Pacific Islander Navigation and Voyaging a. Atoll and Island Survival b. Euro-American Perceptions of Navigation c. Master Navigator Mau Pialug Keywords: The austronesian thesis, Master navigator Mau Pialug Pacific means… tranquil, pacify/soothe, calm, peace, tropical, peace, region, isolated, out there, remote Original uses connoted something possessed and owned. What the Spanish monarchy owned in 1500’s. The term was coined by Vasco Nunez de Balboa from shores of Peru. In doing so, he declared that land in the Pacific were properties of Spain. Catholic church divided world into two worlds: Christian and non-Christian and granted the authority to Spain and Portuguese to conquer and rule lands that weren’t catholic. This gave the license to explorers to do that sort of thing. 1 st Attempt to colonize to indigenous pacific. Other term: Austronesian Was created by archeologists and anthropologists in the 1960’s. Austro = south Nesian = islands Term referred to what is pacific and southeast Asia Thesis claims that people of pacific islands and SE Asia share common ancient history. This thesis is based on shared linguistic history, navigation technique, and pottery
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Pacific Islanders lecture 3 - Pacific Islander Voyaging I....

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