Assimilation #6 - Assimilation, Community, Settlement I....

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Assimilation, Community, Settlement I. Racism and Assimilation a. Biological Determinism versus Social Constructionism b. Assimilation and Anglo-Conformity c. Japanese migrant responses to American Assimilation II. Japan’s Rise to Power a. The Russo-Japanese War (1905) b. The Mukden Incident (1931) Keywords: Assimilation and the Mukden Incident Hawaii became a productive source of sugar for Americans. Being led by anglo-saxon principles like individualism underscored economic transformation. Race is not a merely a biological thing. Race speaks to the fact that humans’ biological makeup determines how bodies operate and perform. The human race is distinguishable from other primates. Race says that humans share common features such as blood types. But if a race is a way of distinguishing peoples from each other, but why so complicated? Race is a social construction, an idea. Race is an idea that people create. The social and cultural characteristics of people are not biologically derived. Race idea uses justification for stuff. Black/white dichotomy in US. This model was created by western philosophers and scholars. It is a model based on racial hierarchy. The hierarchy is that white societies are superior to black societies. Yellow (asian) and brown (pi) fall within that dichotomy. Historically speaking the “Negro” has been severely degraded. Up until the early 1900’s it was common in the South for someone to legally discriminate someone with negro ancestry. “One drop rule” According to this policy, it didn’t matter how many white ancestors he had, just having one black ancestor, you would still be black You were excluded from many opportunity. Racism operated as a rationalizing tool for superiority of whites. Racism also attempted
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Assimilation #6 - Assimilation, Community, Settlement I....

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