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Ideology Invasion Internment #8

Ideology Invasion Internment #8 - Ideology Invasion...

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Ideology, Invasion, Internment I. US Awareness of Impending War with Japan a. The USS Henderson b. Pu’uloa and Pearl Harbor c. Japanese Military Invasion of Guam (US Territory) II. Politics of Internment a. Executive Order 9066 b. Wartime ideologies Keywords: The USS Henderson, Pu’uloa, Executive Order 9066. October 17, 1941: 2 months before Pearl Harbor, the US navy government in Guam evacuated its military personnel and US citizens from the island. The ship that transferred the white American dependents was the USS Henderson. The naval vessel transported the children of military men away. Only white people left on guam were the white male military personnel. The USS Henderson evacuating the dependents showed 4 things: 1. US Government knew of an impending war with Japan 2. The US Government primarily cared for its white citizens and military dependants 3. The US government did not enact greater measures to protect the indigenous and settler populations of Guam 4. White racism continued to operate in the US continent and in the US territories Natives were expendable, not important. Ballendorf: US Navy had long abandoned any plans for defending Guam and had concluded in 1938 to let the island fall to the Japanese… it’s too far away to be defended December 7, 1941 WWII began for the US. Since that time Pearl Harbor has been associated its entry into WWII. It also became a name for rallying against Japan and War on Terror (perceived enemies). Pearl Harbor displaces the Hawaiian nameplace for it: Pu’uloa, named after the Hawaiian god Aumakua Ka’ahupahau. Pu’uloa was a site where gods dwell and a very sacred space to Hawaiians… kinda sacred space. 1. Pu’uloa represents a Native site where Hawiian gods dwell and where Hawaiian political claims persist 2. Pu’uloa represents an American site of US militarism and nuclearism 3.
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