Spanish American war lecture 4

Spanish American war lecture 4 - The Spanish-American War...

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The Spanish-American War I. The new Imperialism a. The European “scramble” for Colonies b. The Spanish-American war c. The Norhtwest Ordinance of 1787 II. The insular cases a. Downes vs Bidwell b. American Samoa, Guam and the Philippines c. Common features of US Territories Keywords: Northwest Ordinance of 1787, Downes vs. Bidwell Pretext: revolved around Imperialism/New Imperialism. Doctrine of the late 19 th early 20 th centuries. Europe attempts exclusive control of economic trade routes, commodities and resources. Oil, rubber, and tin are commodities the Western world tried to control. The nation state and church was wanting to consolidate governing the world. Nation-state had to have economy, overseas rule somewhere. Almost every country except Ethiopia in Africa was a European colony, Europeans then wanted to scramble for land of SEA. United States was isolated country. The Spanish-american war brought the US into the fold of imperialism. Broguht them to Caribbean. SA war = “splendid little war” by John Hay This war began with a war of independence in Cuba. At the same time, American plantation owners in Cuba who grew sugar and cotton suffered. Americans feared that business people were hurt so they sent the USS Maine to Cuba. By sending the ship, it said “Hit one of ours and we’ll shoot you” Gunboat diplomacy. Fatal explosion occurs on Maine. It was an accident in the engine room, but whatever the case, the US and US media used it as a rubric and justification for war. Then wanted to war Spain. After the war, the treaty of Paris was signed in Dec. 1898 and US congress in 1899 pays 20 million to Spain for its former colonies in the Caribbean. They took it because for outright political control of Guam, Philippines, Puerto Rico, and American Samoa. It gained protectorate rights in Cuba (Guantanamo Bay). Implications of war 1. SA War was first example of US overseas colonization. 2. One of the first examples of US political unilateralism. By unilateralism, American invades without express consent of population 3. The expansion of the US Navy as a global power.
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4. Prevention of self-determination 5. Dehumanization of non-western societies. US called the conquered people “benevolent assimilation” (President William McKinley
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Spanish American war lecture 4 - The Spanish-American War...

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